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New Jersey resident that owns Pops Garage Mexican restaurant in the Grove west Shrewbury NJ and EATUSA online gift company sailing with my 11 year old daughter who has been on 8 other cruise just came back from our 16th cruises and going in July on our 17th, now that my daughter Amelia is turning 14 and has been certified a padi scub diver we are leavening out of PR to the ABC and st martin all Dutch this time but great diveing


Cruise Lines: Royal Caribbean


Arthuramelia's Past Cruises

Anthem of the Seas

February 2017 - Anthem of the Seas to Caribbean - Bahamas

Norwegian Getaway

February 2017 - Norwegian Getaway to Caribbean - Western

The hip and taff were great customer service was horable

The Getaway was a great ship the crew were fantastic the Spa owners and NCl customer service were just full o crap and that is being nice. Me and my daughter (13 and on our 16th cruise) has a bad experience on the Epic a couple years ago in there spa the manager told use to give the cruise line a call the next time we wee sailing with them and Stiener ( the concessioner  ) would make it up. so I tried for month to get the email or phone number of the spa ( I did not know then it was stiener) only to get the run around for months, finally I

got a facebook response to talk to the manager of the spa when I got on board, which we did. Robin the manager gave me a name and phone number ( now this is while we are on the high seas) which we called at great expense only get no response. o three days after we get home from the cruies, I get a email from NCL giving the name of a person at stiener that will take care of us on the cruies. ??? Great sience we have been home for three days Just really bad business. being a restaurant owner for year if I did this to my customers I wiuld be out of biz. I is very sad since my daughter wanted to go n the epic out of Barcelona this July and no just on principles we will not be sailing or talking up NCL anymore


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Anthem of the Seas

July 2016 - Anthem of the Seas to Caribbean - Eastern

great ship gteat cruies

This ship has some restaurants and on board activities the rip cord and flow rider also the bumper cars we a nice addition to normal on board stuff, a must is eating at the wonderland this would cost yo $200 in NYC  

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Carnival Liberty

August 2015 - Carnival Liberty to Caribbean - Southern

Carnival Liberty

August 2015 - Carnival Liberty to Caribbean - Southern

Norwegian Jewel

February 2015 - Norwegian Jewel to Caribbean - Western


 "The internet service on the ship is expansive ,slow and there security is very old. in this day and age the it they use is just not up to date in any way shape or form. for example going to my bank was a 18 minute task which cost $14 because most bank online systems will let the jewel's server open until it check to be sure there is no malware, new servers have this covered, so don't pay the $55 for 100 minutes on board its a ripe off and they no it wait till you go ashore and pay a couple of buck at the inter net café if you real have to go on line

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MSC Divina

August 2014 - MSC Divina to Caribbean - Western

need to change for the usa market

They need to do some things different that they would in the mederatranian market. one there breakfast buffet should have more choses, like maybe a omelet station, Europeans ( which there were at least 60%) of the ships guests) like small breakfasts just coffee an pastry. they should have anytime dinning not just two sittings, there towel policy of just one per guest and that guest has to sign for it is just old fashion ( maybe there European guest steal the towels but I don't think us guests will), there optional restaurants have a three tier menu option, not just a $10 $20 Or $30 per guest depending on the restaurant ( I believe most cruise line sailing in this part of the world the average is $20) at there three restaurants for $20 you get on ap one entrée and one desert for $20 and only that for more chooses you have to pay up to$59 per guest , ( and no one was really eating in them) also the steak house looks like a Jonny Rockets. my daughter went to the same bar before going into the dinning room to buy a Shirley temple ( because the dinning room bar did not have it???) and all 5 times it was a different price ( the bartenders charge higher prices to push the tip pool up), The food was pretty good ( steaks were horrible ) the entertainment was some of the bet I have seen in the 14 curies I have been on. Except maybe a little to much opera, staterooms the same as all the rest, the people working the customer service desk need to understand English better if they are going to stay in this market, and finally for you bingo lover they play about10 games during the cruies $10 a game winner take all with only one game block out and no finale of wining a cruise ( so not that many people go and the prizes are small 

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Explorer of the Seas

February 2014 - Explorer of the Seas to Caribbean - Bahamas

Carnival Splendor

February 2014 - Carnival Splendor to Caribbean - Bahamas

Norwegian Epic

February 2013 - Norwegian Epic to Caribbean - Eastern

Carnival Liberty

April 2012 - Carnival Liberty to Caribbean - Western

Carnival Valor

June 2011 - Carnival Valor to Caribbean - Western

great ship for my kids

I would recoment this ship to anyone with young children or even teen agers,but for those adults with no kids ther are better cruies lines,

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Crown Princess

February 2011 - Crown Princess to Caribbean - Western

Norwegian Sky

July 2010 - Norwegian Sky to Caribbean - Bahamas

Arthuramelia's Tips

Adventure of the Seas Adventure of the Seas - If you have or thought of scuba diving this is the ship and the cruise itinerary to do it, all four ports have diving and three of the ports are in the top ten places to dive in the Caribbean, and bonnier is one of the top ten in the world. the ship has there own dive shop and school
Harvest Caye, Belize - being a scuba diver going to a private island with no way of diveing in one of the best area on earth to dive was very bad plus unlike other private cruies island you have to pay for any food you eat on the island like $12 for a hamburger
San Juan, Puerto Rico - just not enough time at the island, this should only be a embarking port not a stopping at one
Anthem of the Seas Anthem of the Seas - make your show and restaurant reservations long before the cruies date, even though you can always wait on standby and get in
Cozumel, Mexico - need to get your own dive excurstion on line they do not offer any
Belize City, Belize - was the one port i had nmort been in before, was very disapointed we did not go there, and I would recomend that when you do stop there you do everything to have a scuba excersion, there was non on this cruise, as it is the best diveing port in all your ships itineraries

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