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Carnival Dream

March 2014 - Carnival Dream to Caribbean - Western

Nothing to make you feel like your on a carribean vacation

The check in went find-after that everything was on a downward spiral. The lido deck had no calyposo music and the staff was very cold to the passangers compound this with the cruise director Hennie who was completely worthless- he was more into enjoying himself. The activities on the ship were the worst on any carnival ship or other lines i have ever been on. There were plenty of clubs and bars but only 5-10 people in them at any given time the choice of music and the lack of "talented singers" was very apparrent. As for the ports you couldnt wait to get off the ship to at least feel you did something. The last port costa maya was a complete waste of time the ship pulled in at 7am and left by 1pm  that isnt enough time to go anywhere when you top it with clearing the ship at 8:30 i would have rather stayed in port at hondorus. The only thing on the ship that had a crowd was the casino it was the only thing to do on the ship. The shows at best were 5-7th grade level performances the singers were more tin hear than me it was very pitaful. I would highly reccommend it you are going on a carnival cruise you avoid this ship it isnt worth it, if they were to give it to me free i would go on a different ship. As for the food in the dining room it was aweful- never in my life did i ever want to spit food in a napkin i am so glad i take small bites . What they claimed to be pumpkin pie was squash with jellitin and it was so nasty that the waiter even said are you sure you want to taste that it looks really bad-it was the most bakingsoda tasting thing i was discusted with the food . They have really went down on the ship food stantards and service on this one . You also couldnt find a drink server and when you did it was 20-30 minutes before they even came back with your drink. I just needed to vent because it was the worst cruise i have been on carnival .They should fire the cruise host due to him not realizing that is job is to have entertainment for the guests and insure the entertainment and activites not only are fun but they are good entertanment. If you want to go to bed on vacation by 8pm and do nothing than thast is the only ship to jump on --but if you want to have fun and feel like you on vacation do not go on this ship you will be highly dissapointed.

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Carnival Victory

October 2013 - Carnival Victory to Caribbean - Eastern

the lack of respect cruise

our cruise was one of the worst i have ever been on---sent clothing out for pressing came back rolled washed and dried --linen dryclean only jacket shrunk and ruined. toilet did not work -room very rarely mantained---had to request towels.... elevators in mid ship were down for hours both sides while staff was using all for luggage both at arrival and last night --they should always leave one open for guests i found this very rude.

when on the private island the bar staff would walk all the way down the beach say they were off and jump in the water after about 30 minutes they would go behind the bush and smoke a cigarette=== cant believe that when you asked them to do there job they found it offensive. finally one actually brought us a bucket of beers we waited for for over an hr and no can opener the bottles were not twist off and my boyfriend had to beat the cap off with a back of the lighter- 

then we bought the cheers package and i won a card for free drinks they would not back off the drink cheers program---purchased stuff in the gift shop the staff rang it wrong and oi got double charged not happy --asked to have my tips backed off my boyfriend paid them for me but they still charged my account ----the staff was always socializing at the casino bar tasking up most of the stools around the bar that we has passangers paid to use --- they thought nothing of it --a bar manager dropped a cup and picked it up off the floor still mixed a drink and served it to a guest ---the bathrooms on the lido deck the door handles are falling off some of the doors and as for the serenity deck there should always be a smoking section when there is a bar for those guests that enjoy to partake,i would never go back on that ship the food was aweful and the serves in the dining room was very lack there of --- on the disembarking day there where no towels to shower and they pretty much kicked us off the ship it was cleared just a few minutes after 8am no coffee or anything when we attempted to go up to lido they told me we were late to disembark we needed to get are things and go they have the celtic thunder charter group wainting to get on well good for them i was very dis appointed on how we were thrown off that ship and how we were treated on the ship no one cared the guest services listened and never even wrote anything down they were the yes staff with no action taken.

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Carnival Sensation

October 2012 - Carnival Sensation to Caribbean - Bahamas

Carnival Legend

October 2010 - Carnival Legend to Caribbean - Western

Not so wonderful

Cruise was nice ,weather was raining disco was not much to talk about they segregated the smokers and non smokers by having smokers upstairs which did not allow them to be part of the atmosphere---closed the clubs different nights for crew parties very poor business when we are all paying for the use of the ship all week... drinks where way over the top $8.00 for a dixie cup size which is rediculous they would make more if they charged less and gave a good quality drink

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AnnetteD's Tips

Carnival Dream Carnival Dream - this ship is the worst if you like to dance and have fun - if you want to loose weight you will the food is aweful as for feeling like your on a carribbean vacation good luck feels more like a water taxi ride to the next island there is nothing to do but the casino on this ship period. the cruis
Carnival Victory Carnival Victory - i was on the first cruise this ship took and it was fabulous going back all these years later remembering the experience i had it was heart renching how the ship looked and the staff treats people
Nassau, Bahamas - the straw market and senior frogs two spots to remember and create

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