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Carnival Breeze

December 2014 - Carnival Breeze to Caribbean - Western

Carnival Ecstasy

May 2013 - Carnival Ecstasy to Caribbean - Bahamas

Carnival Victory

March 2013 - Carnival Victory to Caribbean - Western

Perfect Getaway!!!

This was my first 5 day cruise, and it was pretty spectacular! Overall, I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars ONLY because the ship we were on was not as updated, and needed some serious room renovations!!! But other than that, the crew was super friendly, even the guests onboard too, some of the nicest we've met! The Ship: This was a pretty decent sized vessel I would say, there were plenty of activities to do day and night! The destinations(Jamaica and Caymans) were the 2 most perfect stops you could possibly ever have on a 5 day cruise!! The only complaints that I might have had the whole time was that there was no Fun Ship 2.0 updates with carnival! I missed having a burrito bar + guys burgers but overall the food was delicious! The dining room was obviously the best, and they had great service! The rooms on the other hand, do need a LOT of updating, from the curtains to the tube TV's!!! It was not that dirty, just very dated compared to most of the other carnival ships we've been on! Destinations: Jamaica was great! This had been my first time visiting and absolutely loved it! Although I probably wouldn't take a vacation there by plane and stay in a hotel, I still thought it was a great day destination and the atmosphere was absolutely gorgeous! We did the speed boat ride (booked with carnival) to Dunn's River Falls and I have to say this was a great choice, even though I feel as if the speed boat ride could have been longer since it was soooo fun!! The Caymans were the same old beautiful clear blue sunny sky Caymans Islands! This was my second time visiting within a three month period and it was nice to come back! This time, we actually just walked around town and the port and did some serious shopping, brought back some souvenirs and I actually just laid out all afternoon! But overall, these 2 destinations are worth the trip! Would I recommend this cruise? YES! It was great! It is a great getaway cruise, not too short and not too long, just the perfect amount of days and the perfect destinations too!

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Carnival Glory

December 2012 - Carnival Glory to Caribbean - Western

Had A Glorious Time!

Overall, i would give the trip (Including food, ship, activities, stateroom, and destinations) a 4/5 star rating. Starting with the ship: it was a fantastic ship, the Glory deffinitiley needed those FunShip 2.0 updates with the new bars, and new food stations as well! The ship was very clean, sanitized, and it was nicely decorated with beautiful color schemes. The food in the buffet + Dining Room was pretty good for the most part, but the Guys Burgers & Burrito Bar were where i spent most my time eating, DELICIOUS!!! Also, we had a very impressive stateroom, on spa deck 11 and we had a balcony room which was just to die for(P.S. Balcony Staterooms Make The World Of A Difference)! More than enough space but it was perfect, and clean! Activites amongst the ship were so-so, never actually listened the comedian, but heard he was kind of boring. The seaside theater by the pool was really nice at night, with popcorn and all, the club was always playing a ton of music, and there were live bands every night in the promenade, so dancing was a must! But other than that, Carnival's usual activity scehdule played out just fine throughout the cruise, you know, same old Carnival; Fun For Everyone. Now the destinations were a little disspointing, especially since Belize was canceled (BTW WE DIDNT FIND THIS OUT UNTIL AFTER WE GOT ON THE SHIP), and is now featured as Costa Maya, Mexico on this cruise! Our first stop in Cozumel was nice, it was actually on xmas day, and there is plenty to do at this port! Costa Maya(Previously Scehduled As Belize Which Was Canceled) was boring for the most part. The port where you enter with shops and restaurants was a BLAST, but outside the port was disspointing; MY RECOMENDATION: just party at the port! Next we went to Honduras(Isla Roatan) Which was again, BORING! We decided to take an excusrsion to Tabyana Beach, and that place has absolutley nothing going for it! DONT GET ME WRONG HONDURAS IS A GORGEOUS PLACE TO VISIT, but its a little on the down side if you ask me. The port has its own private beach with a bar/restaurant, ski lift, a HUGE shopping center, and once again...WE DIDNT FIND THIS OUT UNTIL AFTER WE CAME BACK EARLY FROM TABYANA BEACH. Money was wasted there, although everything is a learning expereince, right? But...The Cayman Islands made the trip all worth the while! As our last stop, it made me forget all the other islands and want to stay in the Caymans forever! Such a beautiful port, wish we stayed longer but stingray city is a must!!! Rum point beach is also very beautiful and gives you a view form the oppostie side of the Caymans(from which the ship enters on). Other than that, the says at sea were spent relaxing, dancing, eating, and just spending the day watching the water! Again, i would recomend this cruise, but if it werent for some dissapointing moments with a few of the ports, this would have been a 5/5 stars for me!

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Carnival Sensation

October 2012 - Carnival Sensation to Caribbean - Bahamas

Hurricane Sandy Cruise

Yes; The tittle says it all! We ended up just so happening to book this cruise in september last year, not knowing that exactly the time we were supposed to take a 3 day cruise to the bahamas, that hurricane Sandy decided to stop by as well...AT THE EXACT SAME TIME! The reason i bring this up first, is becuase i would like to note that Carnival did an EXCEPTIONAL job of taking care of us, as our 3 day cruise to Nassau, Bahamas sooned turned into the last minute 4 day cruise to Key West! Carnivals whole team + Captian got us through the storm safley, even though these were the worst seas i had ever seen, nor been in. Key West was a blast, and we ended up just making it in time for Fantasy Fest (for those who know what that is/ for those who truely like to party) so the whole day had beautiful weather, and was packed with crazy people walking up and down the streets for this event! I have to say it was a once in a lifetime experience! Unfortunatly for those who have to fly to get home- we were told around 7 pm on our 3rd night that we would not make it back to Port Canaveral in time the next morning; We were forced to slow down our speed to about 4 knots becuase of the wind and severity of the waves, and were told we were not expected to make it back until sometime tomorrow evening. That night and the whole rest of the 4th day at sea was extremely difficult to handle becuase of the severity of the rocking(and i am a cruise veteran). But Carnival took care of all our drinks(yes- even all alcohol for that day) and gave us so many free priviliages to use the internet, phone, whatever we needed to so that we could get our plans on track! Other than that, the ship is in dire need of a remodel; very old and dated! The interior is very clean and nice for a Carnival ship! The staff is very friendly, but more entertainment/activites are needed!!! Food is pretty good, not excellent, but still very good! Being that it is a smaller ship, it is much easier to navigate, but in excpetion, it does rock a LOT more becuase these sorts of ships in this class do not the stabalizers that the bigger Carnival ships have. For a 3 or 4 day cruise to the Bahamas, I would recomend this cruise; No matter what you will find a way to have a good time!

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Alexis0304's Tips

Carnival Victory Carnival Victory - -Bring a sweater for the nighttime, it might get chilly until you get the party started, especially if you have a balcony -If you can, get to the dining room as early as possible, as you will get the best service and you will get out earlier and have more time to have fun and see the entertainment
Carnival Sensation Carnival Sensation - If you get sea sick easily - BRING SEASICK MEDICINE! These class of Carnival Ships do not have stablizers like the bigger Carnival Ships have so expect a lot of rocking!
Carnival Glory Carnival Glory - P.S. I would deffinitley book at Balcony Stateroom, too many beautiful views to miss!

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