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Carnival Sunshine

December 2016 - Carnival Sunshine to Caribbean - Southern

A Disappointing Cruise

This was our 21st cruise, 5th with Carnival & the worst. Food in buffet well below standard and area too small for that many passengers. Guys Burger, the Deli and the pizzeria were nice alternatives for dinner. Ship so cold noticed others needed sweaters too.  Anytime dining -stand in line each night to get piece of paper with number of people then take 2 decks down to dining room. Breakfast buffet same every morning.  The rough, rainy weather caused changes to stage show which was disappointing but  understood why dancing cancelled.  The psycadelic light show with lazers was fantastic.  Also Chris the flying Scotsman cruise director was outstanding with his singing and dancing & being all over the ship. Cabin steward Ehkwan was great.  Comedy shows my favorite. This was the ship for trivia fans as had trivia 3 times a day.  Crew always friendly, smiling.

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Carnival Valor

November 2015 - Carnival Valor to Caribbean - Western

Good but have been on better cruises

    This was our 20th cruise and 4th on Carnival.  This ship is dated & so cold in buffet & along promenade you need a sweater. This ship is easier to get around than on the Sunshine. Loved the Comedy Club but disappointed in 2 nights of no comedians.  Lounge so much bigger than on the Sunshine & could always find a seat. Rosie's buffet had plenty of seating & the staff very accommodating.  With the large tables this is the place to play cards.  Majority of food in buffet was mediocre. The pot roast and all the soups were the greatest.  Asked for anytime dining but once on board were given late dining so ate in buffet.  The burrito bar, deli, pizza bar made for a nice change. Hamburgers thick & hot dogs big!  Deck 2 cabin 2432 was close to elevator & made it easy to get to buffet & to comedy club & casino.  Our cabin steward Ibarra was outstanding in his service, always with a smile and addressing us by name.

 Adult pool so quiet & relaxing , pizza bar nearby open 24 hrs. We aren't big drinkers & enjoyed this area very much. Felt there was not enough stage shows.  The juggler was so, so.  Disappointed the cruise staff didn't organize bean bag toss, ping pong & shuffleboard games like on other cruise lines.  We met a lot of people by participating in these games & feel Carnival is lacking.

   Beware of fantastic looking 5 layer carrot cake at Java Bar. The frosting was absolutely tasteless with no sweetness or nuts. Could not compare to my mother's carrot cake which is so rich you only want a small slice.  No more candy on bed at night - what's with that.  Cheap, cheap.

     Really enjoyed the band alongside the casino that played every night. Comfortable seating like on the Carnival Liberty if you didn't want to be in the casino.  An enjoyable cruise but will try another ship next time.

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Enchantment of the Seas

July 2015 - Enchantment of the Seas to Caribbean - Bahamas

Smallest Cabin but a Good Time

Our cabin 8623 on deck 8 was the smallest cabin we have had in 20 cruises. Bathroom so small & kept hitting elbows on shower walls.  Was a good laugh for sure. Cabin location nice as we tend to eat at the buffet more than dining room where we always waited for cool food. Buffet food was on average but must say the monstrous 36 in. diameter apple pie was unexpected surprise & enjoyed its creativity. Had to get a picture of that!  Plenty of seats with room to walk around. Love having the self serve  soda machines instead of waiting at bar like on Carnival but wish one was out on pool deck.  Ice cream machines were way back in corner & had to ask kids where to find it.  The Solarium for adults was so peaceful until a family let their kids in pool ignoring the adults only sign.  This was a sunny day but no staff advised them of rules. Very disappointing.  Ship is an older one but I saw numerous workers sanding, varnishing & painting on decks.  Very impressed with the cleanliness & the decor of the ship.  Theater seats were so comfortable & elegant as well as seats in the atrium.  So many places to sit & read in the A/C. Casino was clean & had a no smoking area.  The adults karaoke was great as they held it in the atrium where passengers could watch from all 4 decks in stead of being crowded into a lounge.   Our embarkation & disembarkation was the easiest & fastest we have ever had.

 CocoCay was so beautiful with shade trees all over island & numerous lounges for relaxing. Their paved sidewalk was covered over in sand & needed repairs.  The island could use more paved walks for those who have difficulty walking in sand.

  The best part of cruise was having such an outgoing, talented cruise director who was Marc.  He was so quick witted with his comebacks on the Marriage game making it so funny, he kept us laughing entire time.  The comedian was so so but the ventriliquist was outstanding.  Would definitely recommend this ship to the Bahamas.  


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Carnival Sunshine

February 2015 - Carnival Sunshine to Caribbean - Western

A Disappointing Experience

  This was our 3rd cruise on Carnival having been on the Liberty twice & would never recommend this ship to anyone who is used to  relaxed open plan sitting areas.  This was our 18th cruise & thought we'd try this newly renovated ship.

  First upon entering our oceanview cabin the window was so dirty it was hard to see out.  We looked for the refrigerator & cabin steward told us that there were no fridges anymore.  The bathroom had a shower curtain (really?) & was too short & not wide enough. The cabin was nice enough & Edmund was very attentive with our request of ice everyday.

  The comedy club had different comedians throughout the week.  There were PG shows with adult shows following which were carefully monitored so no kids could get in which we appreciated. Very enjoyable & funny.

  If you have kids this is the ship for them with the Sports Square on top deck. So many activities to do & the Splash Zone for the smaller kids.  Watching them wait for the giant bucket to tip over was a riot.  The Sky Course was challenging with all the ropes & boards to walk on & wearing the required safety harness I felt I did pretty good for a 68 yr. old. The waterslides were so much fun & 2 were super fast!

  The pool was smaller & always had hard rock music playing. Where was the live band that plays Caribbean music to get you in the Caribbean vacation mood? 

  I always purchase a soda package & was surprised that the insulated cup was not included in price like other ships.  So this leaves a soda drinker having to stand in line at a bar behind all others who order specialty drinks that take longer to make or flag down a waiter.  I find it hard to believe that a recently renovated ship did not have self serve soda machines throughout the ship. The mugs had a chip which activated the machine. When is Carnival going to catch up with the rest of the cruise industry?

 The entertainment production shows were outstanding with their high tech lighting in background & their wonderfully talented singers & dancers.  Theater was smaller than most.  Very surprised & disappointed  there was never any line dancing or dance lessons.

  I know Carnival is known as the party ship but there are people who like to sit & read or just people watch & there were no seats along public areas or quiet lounges one could sit & relax. 

  We found the food to be ok but was totally surprised to see no antibacterial soap dispensers at entrances to the buffet or dining room. Other ships have a crew member standing by to remind people to use them.  The buffet seating was so crowded together you had to rush to stake out a table before getting your food.

  Breakfast every morning was the same except for way potatoes were fixed. Scrambled eggs were runny, bacon & sausage undercooked.  Dinner menu was limited. If you didn't like the main menu you had to pay extra if you wanted a steak. I just got the impression that Carnival was penny pinching most of the time in a number of ways.  As for Guy Fieri's hamburger & fries- forget it.  The most greasy I've ever tried and only once!

  My husband's arm got caught in  closing elevator doors which are supposed to stop when a hand or body is there.  They were about 3 ft. apart when he grabbed one side to reopen the door when the door refused to stop & caught his left arm in the doors scraping a large patch of skin off.  We went to the infirmary to report it & showed the receptionist his bleeding arm.  She gave us 3 large bandaids & 3 packages of antibiotic ointment.  They never asked our name or cabin number.  Because of their indifference we went to the pursers desk & insisted they make a report of this.  A woman with bars on her shoulder came & was very concerned & took our name & cabin #.  My husband is diabetic & also on coumadin & bled for about 3 days.  I think you need to update your medical procedures in the event of injury aboard.  Not once did they offer to have a doctor look at his injury.

 Overall, I would not recommend this ship to friends.


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Freedom of the Seas

December 2014 - Freedom of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

Bad cruise for extended reasons

Mechanical problems required the ship to steam at maximum of 17 knots which resulted in it being late to every port on the itinerary.  Instead of arriving at 7 or 7:30am it arrived at 10am.  As a result time ashore was cut short requiring early reboarding. In addition, we missed the last port of call entirely due to a reported medical emergency.  Ship's interior needs updating & was lacking in Christmas decorations compared to sailing on it at this time last year.  Food bar around pool had been removed making it inconvenient to get food out of Windjammer.  Of all of our previous bookings with RCCL this was the most disappointing cruise we have had. We are disturbed at the casual indifference shown by RCCL in failing to inform us of the ship's deficiencies prior to sailing.  The week before this ship barely made it into Nassau & had insufficient repairs performed by underwater divers.  Had we known about all these mechanical problems we would have made different arrangements.

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ACruisie's Tips

Grand Turk Island - Wear swimsuit as beach chairs & umbrellas were free along beach & their huge swim pool.
Carnival Valor Carnival Valor - Covered adult pool by the pizza bar great for R & R. Play cards at large tables in Rosie's restaurant. Grab a comfortable chair outside casino & listen or dance to the band playing every night.
Carnival Sunshine Carnival Sunshine - Grab your silverware & drinks & stake out a table before getting your food at the buffet. Watch out for Guy's greasy burgers!
Freedom of the Seas Freedom of the Seas - This ship will be going into dry dock for refurbishing as well it should.

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