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Norwegian Jade

April 2017 - Norwegian Jade to Caribbean - Western

Worst Trained Crew

This was our 56th cruise and the Jade has the dubious distinction of having the worst trained crew we ever had.Let's start with the waiting area at the pier. They took my wife and all the other handicapped passengers in wheelchairs and walkers to get on board. Some woman near the elevator would not let us pass saying we all had to have numbers and gave us each 39. I complained but she told all the crew pushing the wheelchairs to take us back to the handicap area. When we got there, those staff members told the pushers to ignore that other person and take us to board. In the meantime, they started boarding the passengers and all those handicapped people had to mix in with the crowd.


The bar wait staff could not remember where their drink orders went. In the Stardust, the Sapphire, and the Gran Pacific.  The bar staff would ask people if they ordered one of the drinks on their tray, tried to give drinks to people that did not order them, and walked by us several times with our drinks on their tray, not recognizing us. The tables in the Sapphire were never cleaned and always sticky. And, we were charged for a cocktail and a canned soda we never had.


The service desk gave us wrong information the three times we stopped by to ask a question. They were not very pleasant. It took my wife four trips there to get the drinks finally removed from our bill.


My wife won a free picture at Deal or no Deal so we had pictures taken and were told they would be ready at 9pm. We went at 9:30 but the prints were not ready and were told to come back at 10. My wife went back at 10:30 and was told to return at 7 am the next morning. They also could not find our free picture and tried to charge us for it. Two more trips to get rid of that charge.


One day at the buffet, we asked three different crew to wipe the table as it was sticky and each said they would be right back. None ever returned. Finally had to get a maitre d to do it.


We went to a scheduled sudoku challenge and none of the cruise staff ever showed up. The cruise director said that the person on library duty probably did not know that he/she was supposed to do it. That is poor training.


The food on the ship was not bad but not good either. The meat at both the Brazilian restaurant and the steak house were both beneath par and certainly not worth the extra cost. Teppanyaki was the only specialty restaurant we went to that had good food and Jasmine, the Chinese restaurant, had the best food on the ship. It also bothered us that the only sugar free dessert was ice cream both in the dining room and on the buffet. Every other cruise we have ever been on had sugar free selections.


The bathroom was a joke. There was a nice shower and sink area but the toilet was so close to the wall that the only way to use it was side saddle.



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Carnival Fascination

February 2013 - Carnival Fascination to Caribbean - Bahamas

Not as much "FUN" as it used to be.

Let me start out by saying our cabin and steward were fine, our waiter and assistant waiter were fine, and the food everywhere on the ship was excellent. And, except for an awful odor throughout our cruise in the hallway going to our cabin, the ship was clean. Our problem stems with Carnival itself and with the cruise director, Paul. Don't get me wrong. Paul is a very friendly outgoing character who is good at telling jokes, singing, and being an emcee. He is just lousy at organizing activities and utilizing the ship's spaces properly. Let me explain. Carnival used to have a steel band playing upon embarkation and throughout the cruise up on Lido deck. This has been replaced by a cd or, even worse, a dj that plays mostly rap and other obnoxious songs that are geared more to his age rather than those of the passengers. The big band sounds, good old rock and roll, and Caribbean music that we could dance too was no more, being replaced by noise so loud we often had to leave the area for some peace and quiet. The orchestra on the ship was replaced by a small group and a couple of individual singers that all played in areas one could not designed for dancing. Most activities, like Carnival itself, is now geared to making even more money and less geared to passengers having fun. The Starz Bar is where most of the trivia and several other games were held. How convenient that there is a bar right there as well as the casino. What there was not was enough seating. The bar and the seating area are separated by a major walkway so passengers walking by would hear a question and shout out an answer. There was also the noise from the bar and the blender so hearing was pretty difficult. In the meantime, there were two lounges nearby, Passage To India and Puttin on the Ritz that had lots of seats and quiet to play games that sat there empty. Starz is also the place that was chosen for what little music was on the ship. Same seating proble, same noise, and no place to dance. And, in most instances, one of the lounges with all their seating and with dance floors were empty. I guess I should mention the disco but neither the music or the volume of it was something we wanted to go to. Finally, there were two shows on the ship called Motortown and Divas. We were never on any other cruise before where the same exact shows were performed over and over again for the evening's entertainment. This was our 54th cruise and it left a lot to be desired when it came to having fun and being entertained.

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Carnival Fascination Carnival Fascination - If you are an adult and want to just relax in peace and quiet, go to Serenity, an adults only area in the aft of the ship. Chaise lounges and jacuzzis combined with a view of the ocean.

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received a helpful vote on their Carnival Fascination cruise review - Not as much "FUN" as it used to be.

received a helpful vote on their Carnival Fascination cruise review - Not as much "FUN" as it used to be.

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received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Jade cruise review - Worst Trained Crew

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received a helpful vote on their Carnival Fascination cruise review - Not as much "FUN" as it used to be.

received a helpful vote on their Carnival Fascination cruise review - Not as much "FUN" as it used to be.

received a helpful vote on their Carnival Fascination cruise review - Not as much "FUN" as it used to be.