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Country of residence
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Commented on Carnival Elation review by FJT13: Carnival Elation - Does not leave a good impression on first-timers!
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Commented on Carnival Elation review by laurajo67: Carnival Elation - Carnival Elation
by MrChocoholic
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Commented on Grandeur of the Seas review by robertmatteo: Grandeur of the Seas - Sadly disapointed
by CrusinTim
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Commented on Norwegian Gem review by jleslie48: Norwegian Gem - Just back from its re-fit, and the Gem is as spectacular as ever.
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Carnival Cruise - Paradise - 122615
by Lika1965 - Last answered by Lika1965, 2 days ago
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Happy Thanksgiving
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Commented on Carnival Imagination review by NanaDebs: Carnival Imagination - You get what you pay for
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Jan 2, 2016! Looking to meet other couples!
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